Parish Work Proceeding


Pictured is the grotto. PHOTO BY MICHAEL HOHENBRINK


Kevin Lee works to cover his materials. PHOTO BY MICHAEL HOHENBRINK

A light drizzle fell Thursday.

For Kevin Lee, it was a complicating factor.

At work on the main chapel in the cemetery of Our Lady of Seven Dolors, Kevin found himself hampered a bit by the weather.

Repointing the chapel is among projects being done. Kevin noted bricks are bad. The roof needs work.

Opening the door, though, Kevin did point out the impressive interior. It’s a small space. Hanging on the wall is information noting the chapel was “adorned and embellished” for $2,200.

The chapel’s dedication, to the Mother of Perpetual Help, was Aug. 15, 1885, the information notes.

An icon of Mary hangs on a wall.

Kevin notes a possibility of historical recognition, pointing out the parish is “investing a lot” in the work.

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